fuzzy aggregation module

simpful.fuzzy_aggregation module

class simpful.fuzzy_aggregation.FuzzyAggregator(verbose=False)

Bases: object

Creates a new fuzzy aggregation object.


verbose – True/False, toggles verbose mode.


Adds variables and their fuzzy sets to perform fuzzy aggregation.


*args – ‘FuzzySet’ objects, whose ‘term’ argument is the name of the variable.

aggregate(variables=None, aggregation_fun='product')

Performs fuzzy aggregation.

  • variables – list of variables names to be aggregated. If empty, all added variables are aggregated.

  • aggregation_fun – pointer to a fuzzy aggregation function or string name of an implemented aggregation method. Default method is “product”. Currently implemented methods: product, min, max, arit_mean


Numerical result of the aggregation, as provided by the aggregation function.

set_variable(name, value)

Sets the numerical value of a variable to be aggregated.

  • name – name of the variables to be set.

  • value – numerical value to be set.